Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 3: Training montage intensifies

Tanjirou heads off for training

I wasn't really sold by this week's episode. I get the sense that it's meant to bridge a gap, effectively getting Tanjirou combat-ready so he can join the Demon Slayer Corps (a training montage, if you will). The issue I generally had is that his progress doesn't necessarily feel earned. The time jumps make it seem like he just steadily progresses, which makes it harder to believe when he stumbles.

Demons are killed by sunlight

In addition, this feels like poor timing for an introduction of demons and the Demon Slayer Corps. It's true that it's an open question, but we're being told about the organization in the abstract sense without anything to tie it to. Also, this bit about demons being killed by sunlight is something we've already figured out.

Nezuko falls asleep for a while

I'm torn about Nezuko's catatonic state in this episode. She was what drew my attention in the previous episode, so it was sad that she was tossed to the side while Tanjirou finished his training. However, I do like how the timing fits with the general theme of Tanjirou's training.

Training time flies

He's often finding himself questioning his motivation, which makes more sense in the context of Nezuko's slumber. As far as he knows, she'll never wake up. Since she's his reason for hunting demons, he naturally questions whether his training is worth it when that goal is no longer in sight.

Sabito chastises Tanjirou

I honestly like this whole scene with Sabito. He correctly points out that Tanjirou has been blindly repeating his training without thinking about what it is meant to accomplish. I just wish that the episode had given it the proper focus. As far as I could see, Tanjirou doesn't show much of an indication that his thought process has changed. We just see him at the end of that journey having succeeded.

The breathing technique that makes you strong

This discussion about the breathing technique seems muted in a similar way. It's clearly the secret to fighting toe-to-toe with the enhanced strength of demons, but it's stated simply without much context. And we get no real indication at the end that Tanjirou has somehow figured it out. It's almost meant to be an implicit assumption based on the fact that he cuts the boulder.

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