Carole & Tuesday Episode 2: Becoming famous

Carole wakes up to a mess

Episode 2 and this series is still fun. So much of the story feels familiar, but I like how the series presents itself so far. This week's episode shows off more of its setting, and I think it's cool so far. I think it would be interesting to see more of how the world reached its current state, but I get the sense that this aspect isn't quite as important. The series seems to be commenting more on present-day implications as far as I can tell.

Tuesday struggles to clean the place

Having Tuesday fail to clean Carole's apartment is an extremely predictable move. She clearly comes from money, and she fits the mold of the pampered child. However, I think the episode makes up for this by showing Tuesday alongside Carole, who similarly fails miserably at her new job. As a result, the scene is more about contrasting the two, rather than focusing on each individual's archetype.

Carole takes a job acting as a grieving family member

I guess this is how the futuristic setting is going to be used for this series. It's kind of a weird and uninspiring scene as far as sci-fi goes, but I think I have a decent sense of why it's here. We're shown a society that has a specific market for hiring random strangers to act like grieving family members, which shows a cultural predisposition for "keeping up appearances without any substance". I get the sense that this is supposed to be a direct analogy to how the world views music.

Angela runs some tests

On Angela's side, I don't have all too much to say, since I don't think we have very much information about her situation. I suppose the idea so far is that this producer guy treats his AIs as "employees", but he treats her like a glorified singing bot.

The video gets uploaded

I'm curious to see what kind of role this Roddy guy will play in the series. Presumably he's here to do more than upload the video that leads to the two girls being noticed. He seems to have a more technical background, so maybe he's here to advocate for the AI in some way for this group.

Roddy finds the girls

This online stalking scene was strangely...realistic. I suppose normal people don't have advanced facial recognition, but this reminds me a lot of Reddit detectives.

Gus finds the girls

Well, I guess Gus is pretty direct.

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