Dororo Episode 14: A random treasure map

Dororo's father hides a map

This week's episode seemed more like setup than anything else, but I think it looks promising. The lord character that's introduced in this story seems like a kind of "test run" for Hyakkimaru, representing a lord who is willing to work with a demon for the benefit of his people. In addition, this episode prompts Dororo to think about her own future after their journey, which might be cool.

The old man gives some advice

I like how the old man hears about the map and immediately assumes it leads to money. I wonder if that's meant to be a misdirection of some sort, since Dororo's father only says that it's his "ambition", whatever that means. It seems like a weird thing to lie about, but I can't rule it out.

The nun points out some oil

It's not a particularly new thing, but I do like how the nun's ghost is introduced initially as a seemingly harmless presence before we hear her story. I got the sense that the episode was doing a good job of building a simple mystery for the main characters to solve together.

The nun is supposedly evil

It's true that Hyakkimaru's magic blind sight lets him see the demonic energy emanating from the lord, but I just felt a sense of progress seeing Hyakkimaru work with Dororo to point out the flaws in the lord's story. The two have come a long way, their dynamic has gradually shifted in response. We can see the two clearly working together in this episode, rather than having everything shift on Hyakkimaru.

Hyakkimaru protects Dororo

Along the same lines, I feel like the development of a familial bond between the two characters has felt earned as well. Hyakkimaru no longer blindly rushes into combat. He's conscious of Dororo during the fight, and he now has the voice to express that concern. It's possible that he's always been like this, but his inability to express himself made it impossible to communicate.

The lord works with the moth

I'm definitely curious to see how this battle with the lord plays out. He seems like a pretty strong analogue for Hyakkimaru's father, so it would be nice to see whether Hyakkimaru's willing to condemn this land. That being said, the final scene makes it look like the moth demon is tricking the lord, so maybe there's an easy way out of the situation.

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