Carole & Tuesday First Impressions (1): The unlikely pair

Tuesday's suitcase runs out of power

I guess this is another music-related series locked behind Netflix, but that's never stopped me before. This first episode did a good job of setting up the world and the basic premise for the series. It centers around the two titular characters, Carole and Tuesday, each with vastly different upbringings. However, the two have the common goal of becoming musicians, so the two work together to bring music to a world largely reliant on AI. I suppose this is what happens when vocaloids end up taking over the world.

Carole roams the streets

Much of the focus for the first episode seemed to be contrasting the main characters, which they did very well. Aside from the obvious fact that Carole comes from a refugee background as opposed to Tuesday rich family upbringing, we see the two characters essentially reacting to the same event. Carole notices a child stealing food and chastises him.

Tuesday arrives in the city

On the other hand, Tuesday is shown to lack that same level awareness, as a different thief steals her bag. We don't need to be told that the two characters are different, because every scene seems to scream that fact. I think my main concern with the series so far is its futuristic concept. I didn't feel like the setting on a future Mars has contributed all too much yet, so that much remains to be seen.

Angela is upset with her job

In addition to the title characters, we're introduced to Angela, who seems to be set up as their foil. Carole and Tuesday come from nowhere and hope to make their own music for the world. In contrast, Angela comes from a background in entertainment, and she effectively sells herself as an automaton to perform music that someone else created.

Gus whines about music

I think it's still a bit early to tell with this first episode. I like how it goes about showing its characters rather than having someone point it all out. Gus, the drunk in this scene, is pretty clearly going to help the main characters, but the series chooses to show him expressing a similar viewpoint rather than saying anything explicit. That being said, let's be a little honest. It's hard to take Gus seriously at this point since he's just the old guy whining about "young people" music, right?

Carole and Tuesday play together

I also like how the first session with Carole and Tuesday feels a bit more realistic. The two build up into their song, rather than playing a studio-quality song from the start. As a result, the song becomes harder to listen to, but you can clearly hear the two adjusting to each other.

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