Dororo Episode 13: A hidden face

Hyakkimaru has a one-track mind

I didn't want to give the impression that I'd forgotten about this series amongst the new season. While this episode didn't do any too flashy, it definitely had its own heartwarming development between Dororo and Hyakkimaru. The episode basically uses a face-changing to spirit to highlight Dororo's insecurities around Hyakkimaru, which prompts Hyakkimaru to reach out to Dororo as a person. It's not much, but it works.

Dororo lies to Hyakkimaru about a monster

I like how this hot springs trip is used as the central framing for this episode. Dororo initially shows frustration at the fact that she can only motivate Hyakkimaru by giving him a new monster to fight, but that shifts as the episode progresses. She's basically breaking through his zealous pursuit of the demons holding his organs, which in turn lets him act more human.

Dororo reunites with her mother

Having Dororo see the face of her own mother was interesting too. I think the familiar face forces Dororo to evaluate her relationship with Hyakkimaru. She starts to become overly familiar with her mother, and it's probably meant to highlight a deficiency in her normal interactions.

The carver attacks

Past that, the central story of the episode isn't particularly special. It's the basic concept of the artist who loses himself in a struggle for perfection. I don't think it was bad or anything. I guess it mostly felt like a backdrop or something.

Dororo finds a map

The most intriguing development is the fact that a map is found on Dororo's back. There's been a gap since the last episode, so I'm sorry if there's an obvious hint about it that I missed. Is it simply meant to lead them towards the rest of the demons? I suppose it's possible that it's linked to the "boss" demon that was released when Hyakkimaru's mother attempted to sacrifice herself.

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