Fruits Basket First Impressions (1): Tent dwellers

Tooru leaves for school

Yeah, I'm a little late to this game, but I would argue that it's somewhat appropriate. I've never read the manga or watched the original adaptation, so I'm starting off strong by remaining out of the loop. As a result, I actually wasn't expecting the supernatural angle, so the first episode made for an interesting experience.

Tooru is conquering the slugs

The story follows Tooru Honda, who is trying to live alone after the death of her mother. With her mastery of slugs and ants, she pitches a tent in the forest, but she's found out by the Souma family, who own the land. Rather than evicting her, though, they offer to give her a place to stay that won't get buried in a landslide. In the end, Tooru returns the favor when she discovers that the Souma family have a habit of turning into zodiac animals when they're hugged.

Tooru wants to be a cat

I wasn't actually expecting the zodiac animals to be the focus of the series, but I think it could be cool. At this point, I've heard the zodiac story time and time again, so I admit that I'm a bit tired of hearing it. But that's really just my own problem.

Using waves to attack

From the first episode, the characters seem promising so far. I really liked a lot of the facial expressions in this episode, since they made the scenes fun. It looks like we might end up with a fairly large cast to develop, so it could be fun.

Yuuki calls for some help

I'm definitely curious about how the relationships will be developing in this series. Yuuki Souma, who represents the rat, is largely introduced as the main love interest in this first episode, but it seems counter to typical zodiac story. The cat is the one who is left out of the zodiac, and Tooru is shown empathizing with the cat early in the episode. However, Kyou, who represents the cat is barely introduced in the opening episode.

The family turns into animals

Additionally, Shigure ends up representing the dog, which is Tooru's actual zodiac animal, so I get the feeling he's supposed to be important here too. He does seem like he's meant to fill the role of "adult" in this story, so it's hard to judge. Basically, I'm saying I don't know what to feel. Send help.

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