Fairy Gone First Impressions (1): Bring back Veronica

War is harsh

Well, that could have gone better. There seemed to be a decent amount going on in this first episode, but I didn't get the sense that I had enough information to make a decent judgment by the end. The story takes place in a post-war fantasy world where humans can use fairies to fight. The main character, Marlya Noel, is one of the two survivors from her home village of Suna, and she desperately searches for the other survivor, Veronica.

Free explains what fairies are

Aw, I really wish Free would have finished here. He stops for literally no reason other than to tease the audience, so it's frustrating to see. The fairies are presumably the most interesting part about this world, so I kind of want to know what their deal is.

Veronica steals the page from the Black Tome

I know there's a synopsis and all, but this episode felt like it was "jumping in" a bit too quickly. Without any context on what a Fairy Soldier is, it's hard to follow the motivations for characters like Free and Veronica. Free makes more sense later when he reveals that he's part of Dorothea, but it means that the entire "Gui Carlin" thing was effectively a throwaway.

Veronica brushes Marlya off

Marlya herself also isn't a particularly convincing character. Veronica's grudge again Lay Dawn (who definitely is not named "Lay Down") makes sense, as he's a native of Suna who came back to massacre the townspeople. From what we can gather in this episode, Marlya has apparently been roaming by herself in the meantime to find Veronica, and she cuts all tension in this episode in her vain attempts to reunite with her old friend.

Marlya binds with a fairy

From the synopsis, it sounds like fairies normally get implanted into Fairy Soldiers after they possess another animal, so it would seem that Marlya's interaction with this fairy breaks the rules of the world. It's not necessarily a bad thing if that's the case, but it gets back to what I said about context. Without that sense of how the world works, this scene has no real impact. For all we know, this happens all the time.

Veronica faces off against Free

I'm kind of sad about the action in this opener. I don't care too much about the CGI monstrosity bit. Sure, the fairies look like they don't belong in this world, but that might actually be appropriate. The heartbeat sound they make when they use the fairies is a bit distracting, but what can you do?

I'm more bothered by the fact that the sword/knife fight. Most of the attacks were erratic, and the slashes were pretty much instantaneous, making them hard to follow. As a result, they seemed like a formality while the fairies fought in the background

Free threatens Marlya

I'm actually curious what this means as well. Is it just the case that Fairy Soldiers were discarded after the war ended? I guess it would work if Dorothea is hunting down Fairy Soldiers just trying to survive in the world.

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