Kimetsu no Yaiba First Impressions (1): Demon battles

Tanjirou carries Nezuko to safety

I've missed watching fights animated by ufotable. This first episode worked as a good introduction, but I'm curious how much the rest of the series will resemble it. The story follows Tanjirou, a boy whose quiet life is brought to an abrupt halt when a demon attacks his family.

He finds that the only survivor, his sister Nezuko, has been turned into a demon, and the two are attacked by a demon hunter. However, Tanjirou realizes that Nezuko still has some of her humanity, so he sets off on an adventure to restore her humanity.

Tanjirou helps the townspeople

I thought that the slow build-up in the first episode was pretty good. I'm a bit skeptical about how much the episode emphasizes Tanjirou's "strong sense of smell", as it seems like it's trying too hard to push a character quirk. It depends on how the series uses it, though.

Saburo tells Tanjirou about the demons

There's also an inherent mystery surrounding the demons in this series. While it's true that we've seen Nezuko's shift in behavior, the first episode never actually shows a demon on-screen. Even the opening animation doesn't show much, with the characters mostly fighting against an unseen enemy. It makes me wonder if there's supposed to be a sense of legend surrounding them. Maybe it's more than just a "monster of the week" type of enemy.

Giyuu suggests saving Nezuko

I'm cool with how Nezuko was portrayed in this episode. Her demonic change isn't too drastic, and I'm curious to see how the series goes forward with her current condition. Based on the end of the episode, it almost seems like Giyuu gave Tanjirou a way to keep her placated with the scroll in her mouth.

Tanjirou attacks Giyuu

It was nice to see Tanjirou put together a reasonable plan of attack even in his emotional state. It was somewhat satisfying to see him outsmart Giyuu after the demon hunter spends an extended period questioning Tanjirou's ability to protect his sister. The scene is presented in a way to mess with the viewer as well, so it's interesting.

Giyuu suggests visiting someone to help cure Nezuko

From the scenes in the opening animation, I get the sense that the series opens itself up into a general adventure tale. It also looks like the powers get a lot more supernatural when Tanjirou gets his sword, but maybe that's just embellishment for the opening. I'm not sure what to make of the show if it just turns into demons against humans with superpowers.

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