Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu First Impressions (1): Making new friends

Bocchi wants to get rid of school

I suppose we have our wholesome show for the season. This series focuses on the aptly named Hitori Bocchi (her name means "alone"), a socially awkward kid whose only friend from elementary school makes her promise to befriend every person in her middle school class. However, Bocchi is the type of girl who will vomit in high-stress situations and passes out when she's happy. This can only go well, right?

Nako chases after Bocchi

This first episode focuses on Bocchi's first friend, Sunao Nako. Nako's name roughly means "honest child", which is appropriate because she often plays straight man to Bocchi's harebrained schemes. I enjoyed watching the two interact, and it was great to see Bocchi get over the first hurdle in her plan to befriend her classmates. I don't think it's hard to relate to Bocchi's somewhat self-defeating tendency to overthink.

Bocchi hides in fear

My favorite part of the episode was probably the scenes before Bocchi meets Nako, though. Watching her desperately come up with plans to cheat her way through her promise was incredibly entertaining. It reminds me of the kinds of things I'd try to do as a kid to get out of doing something I didn't like. Ultimately, they never work out.

Bocchi refuses to talk to the shy kid

One thing I noticed in the adaptation is that the series seems to tone down the comedy a bit. The original manga was a 4-koma, so there were a lot of panels with somewhat exaggerated expressions. I don't mind the change, as it shifts the adaptation towards a more "grounded" feel if that makes sense, but I think it's worth noting.

Bocchi wants to die

I came into this episode having liked the manga, so it's probably not saying much that I liked that adaptation. That being said, I still think it's fun, so you should give it a shot.

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