Kono Yo no Hate de Koi wo Utau Shoujo YU-NO First Impressions (1): Visit all the worlds

Takuya is called out as a bad student

It seems my options are a bit limited with the spring season so far, so I guess we're starting with the VN adaptation. As I mentioned in my preview, the premise for this series seems interesting. The story follows Takuya Arima, the son of a distinguished historian who has recently disappeared. However, he receives a package from his supposedly dead father, along with his father's research on parallel worlds.

Takuya meets Shimazu

Remaining consistent with most VN adaptations, this episode definitely introduces a vast array of potential plot points. I suppose it's not too surprising given its source, but I wouldn't be surprised if some of these random scenes are setups for mysteries that will remain unsolved.

Takuya seems to know something

The most obvious example is Takuya's conversation with Ryuzoji's secretary. They clearly have some sort of history, and she seems to have some secrets that Takuya is aware of. However, we as the audience have no clue, so dropping this suggestive line seems a bit odd.

Ayumi tries to calm protesters

To be completely fair, I do respect that this episode doesn't seem to overly insult our intelligence as the audience. Admittedly, the "mysterious transfer student" thing is a little bit obvious, but I could see this being a strength if the series is able to develop the threads that it opened. For example, I thought it was pretty clear that Ayumi was Takuya's mother-in-law, even if the first episode never explicitly stated it.

Takuya receives a message from his father

The whole idea of Takuya chasing his father across dimensions reminds me a lot of Time Travel Shoujo, which doesn't seem too promising. That being said, I'm admittedly most curious to see how this series approaches its "many worlds" concept. From the end of the episode, it seems like the differences in the worlds aren't too drastic, but it's hard to say. Akanesasu Shoujo started with a relatively similar world as well. There's an elf girl, after all.

Takuya meets a strange girl

Another mysterious new girl for the opening episode? Hey, you're suppose to make it easy for me to pick out the main heroine.

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