Yakusoku no Neverland Final Episode (12): And now we wait for the next season

Ray notices that some people are missing

And so, the escape is finally realized. In my opinion, this finale doesn't quite hit the same hype level as the previous episode, but it's a worthy ending on its own. I think I was spoiled a bit to see so many pieces falling into place last week, so it was a bit of an uphill battle. That being said, I'm happy to see the season end on such a strong note. And I'm especially happy that there was no random cliffhanger to finish things off...because you and I both know that it totally could have happened.

Gilda wishes to rethink the escape

I like this idea of leaving the younger children behind to throw a final wrench into the escape. It puts a slightly bittersweet spin on the ending and forces Emma to compromise on her initial plan. I'm sure it's largely put there to give her a reason to come back and finish the job. However, I think it also helps to highlight how formidable the task of escaping truly was. There's a sense of realism in this idea.

The demons mobilize

Oh...hey, guys. I know you're supposed to be the main force of opposition in this series, but where have you been?

Norman appears to Ray

Norman has the most effective appearances in this series. There's always this small sense of hope that he's really there, even if it makes no sense. Additionally, it's amazing how pivotal he was to the plan despite not being able to participate. I also like the idea that the other kids end up actively contributing to the escape, rather than being the dead weight that Ray thought they would be.

Isabella meets Leslie

Seeing Isabella's past was also pretty interesting. I thought it was nice to see how she was contrasted against the kids in the story. We see her fail on her own as the kids succeed as a team.

Ray confronts his mother

Oh, so it was Ray. I really should have guessed that. This infantile amnesia thing is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't it?

Final Score: 8/10

A solid sense of suspense that's built subtly until it finally overflows naturally. As a result, everything in this series feels earned. Watching everything fall into place was also incredibly entertaining. Looking forward to the second season next year.

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