Grimms Notes The Animation Episode 11: Reactions galore

Alice is placing you under arrest

From a story perspective, I found this episode to be fairly confusing, but it was also incredibly entertaining. My general impression of the story is that it doesn't make much sense when you look at it seriously. However, I think the episode makes up for a bit with some truly entertaining lighthearted scenes. Make do with what you can, right?

Alice bans everything

I didn't mind the general concept behind the episode, as it seemed to focus on a version of Alice who was trying to come to grips with her own maturity. She's ultimately convinced to go against her script, rather than being taken over by the Chaos Teller. As a result, the main characters are forced to convince her, rather than just fighting her. There's also some minor juxtaposition, as Alice is freeing herself from the confines of her Book of Fate by putting harsh restrictions on others.

Alice listens to Reina's stories

That being said, the flip-flopping in this episode made it tough to follow for me. I can understand that Alice is playing along with Reina in order to put the main characters on trial, but I don't get a good sense of why she's willing to side with Reina in the end. Her opinion changes so much without any clear reason.

The enemy is too strong

Did I mention how much I enjoyed the silly scenes in this episode? Because they were legitimately great.

Alice sees herself

I was wondering how the episode would approach Alice, since she's a character we've seen multiple times before now. I guess having someone connect with a character in that character's own Story Zone isn't a big deal or something. Also, when did Reina get the ability to turn into Alice? Is it because she finally met the real character? I suppose it's a decent call back to the episode that introduced her obsession with Alice.

Reina comforts Alice

I'm not sure what my takeaway from this episode is. It seems to be pushing the idea that escapism is okay in some sense, but it seems a bit counterintuitive. That being said, I thought the point of fairy tales is that they give some kind of message, so I don't get why Reina seems to praise Alice's story for having no lesson at all.

Also, having Loki show up in the end to throw everything into disarray is a bit random.

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