Yakusoku no Neverland Episode 11: The great escape

Ray syncs up with Emma

It's always satisfying to watch a plan come together, and this episode is no exception. I'd been noticing the tiny hints in previous episodes, and I'm glad that they came together before the season ended. Given that this was a manga adaptation, there's never any guarantee, so it's a pleasant surprise. And so, we've finally reached the escape. It's actually kind of interesting that this series makes the escape look so slipshod and well-planned at the same time.

Emma draws attention away from other kids

I always enjoy seeing loaded statements, and this one is a good example. Ray makes the implicit assumption that we do as an audience, which is that Emma is giving Don and Gilda room to act. As it turns out, though, she's playing distraction for far more kids than that.

Ray attempts to sacrifice himself to help the others escape

In my opinion, this development is a bit rushed. While it's not overly surprising that Ray would do this, the reveal makes it hard to believe that the story would actually let him go through with it. It's a gruesome death that he doesn't deserve. Maybe that's just based on the assumption that Norman isn't dead.

Norman leaves behind a plan for Emma

I do like the idea that Norman leaves behind a plan for Emma, having realized that Ray is trying to kill himself. It does a great job of making it feel like he's still just as much part of the escape plan as he was before he left. It did kind of make me feel like Emma's own role was diminished, but I think she makes up for it when it's revealed that she suggested recruiting more allies.

The other kids listen in on Krone

I think this is perhaps my favorite reveal of the episode. During the entire conversation with Sister Krone, we're presented with the assumption that Emma and Norman are confirming their knowledge with Krone. It's a reasonable thing for them to do, but here we find out that they were planning something else entirely. It changes the entire dynamic of the conversation, which originally looked like a favorable conversation for Sister Krone alone.

Emma directs the kids as they make their escape

I'm not going to lie. I expected Isabella to appear out of nowhere at this point.

Phil reaches out to Isabella

Phil, what have you done???

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