Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 16: Splitting off

Boogiepop tries to find the true threat

I figured I'd go ahead and take this opportunity to fully catch up with this series and save myself a double-episode post this weekend. The idea behind the King of Distortion that gets introduced in this episode is surprisingly interesting, as I tend to like psychological concepts like that. I do think that the portrayal of the psychological condition is a bit insensitive, but I suppose it's fair.

Boogiepop analyzes the King of Distortion

I do like the idea that the King of Distortion seems too minor to be a true danger to the world. I was thinking myself that he doesn't seem to be as malicious as other antagonists in this series. I'm hoping the real enemy isn't too crazy, though, since it seems at this point like that enemy would have to come out of nowhere.

Kazuko wonders about the legitimacy of split personalities

So, I understand what Kazuko is saying here about the controversy surrounding dissociative identity disorder, but it feels a bit harsh. I can buy into the idea that we don't know enough about what goes on in the brains of these kinds of patients to make a reasonable judgment. In some sense, you could call it a form of self-deception, but saying it like this is a bit brusque, even for me.

Kentarou questions the world around him

Kentarou's experience seems pretty interesting so far, since he seemed to be the most reasonable victim so far. However, it might just be the case that he's fooling himself into believing he knows more about the situation than he does.

Also, I was wondering if the dead Hina might have been Shirou's lost girlfriend, but I totally forgot that we've met Shirou already. He's Naoko's boyfriend from the first arc. Yeesh, that arc was so long ago.

Kei figures the King of Distortion out

The idea that the King of Distortion is a manifestation of a person's split personality is quite interesting. I like how it's presented, as it's based off the previous discussion about how these personalities appear to help deal with a past trauma. It explains why the King of Distortion appears as a subject of regret in the person's past. I still think the gold thing is strange, but I think this reveal is thought out well.

Boogiepop faces off against Zooragi

Well, this is a bit of a genre shift. This series has the most random action scenes.

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