Grimms Notes The Animation Episode 10: Yet another Jeanne

The main characters join a war

For the most part, this series still feels like it's meandering around, and I'm not sure I like where it's going with its moral dilemma. This episode seems like it's supposed to be a turning point for Ex, but I'm not entirely sure I get what the takeaway is. It also seems like the series is building towards an ending where Curly changes her mind about stopping the Storytellers despite having a legitimate position.

Ex comments on Jeanne's appearance

While I get that Jeanne d'Arc has to be in every mobile game, I think that's kind of pushing it when it comes to fairy tales. Her story is grounded in some historical truth, isn't it?

Tao refuses to help with the war

I think one thing that this episode does very well is show how drastically different Tao's opinion is from Ex's opinion. Tao may represent the views of the rest of the group, but he largely sees their role as a non-invasive peace-keeping force. This is largely opposed by Ex, who stubbornly wishes to help others. In some sense, I might actually agree with both of them.

Curly asks Ex what he values most

I also quite liked Curly's line of questioning. While it's kind of a harsh way to put it, I have to admit that she has a point when she asks Ex whether he values saving Jeanne's life over saving her fate. In the end, I guess you could say that Ex chooses a third option, but I think it's nice to make him think on it.

The Chaos Teller threatens Jeanne

I'm a bit disappointed with the Chaos Teller in this episode. I know that the party needs a well-defined boss character to fight, but this guy just seems so random. It's later revealed that he's some representation of the hatred of the English people, which makes it harder to take him seriously. He seems like a throwaway.

Curly heals Ex

This scene is kind of nagging at me. It might be keeping in line with Curly's support for free will, but I wonder if her helping Ex here is supposed to suggest that she'll come to agree with him later. In my mind, Ex hasn't done anything to deserve that yet.

Curly wonders about the fate Ex chooses

I'm curious about this scene, though. Earlier in the episode, Curly mentions that she can see the flow of fate in every Story Zone. That makes me wonder if she can also see some version of fate when it comes to the people with empty Books of Fate. In that sense, this scene could be suggesting that she can tell where Ex's actions will lead him. Perhaps that's reading too much into it.

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