Dororo Episode 11: Family reunion

Dororo brags to Tahoumaru

This story is progressing along much faster than I expected. I can't believe we're already in Daigo's territory. I was under the impression that we had a whole other season with this series, and this seems like a climactic battle. I'm actually quite excited to see where it goes, though. Overall, I enjoyed seeing what this episode did to introduce larger background points without drawing too much attention to them as well.

Comparing Hyakkimaru and Tahoumaru is pointless

I'm hoping there's some hidden meaning in this statement. In many ways, you could argue that Hyakkimaru is equally an heir to the land. If Tahoumaru somehow falls from grace after finding out his father's secret, he could very well become a vagabond in the same sense as Hyakkimaru is now. That would be cool.

The old man notices that Hyakkimaru has killed humans

The old man pops up so sporadically, but he contributed a surprising amount despite his brief appearances. He explains that Daigo originally sealed defeated demons in the shrine of this land, which suggests that he committed an act of betrayal by making a deal with those same demons. He also makes this comment about how Hyakkimaru has killed humans since their last encounter, which seems like a heavy statement.

Daigo learns about Hyakkimaru

I suppose there are only so many people he could be, but I liked that Daigo and his wife both immediately understood who Hyakkimaru was. They didn't even have to say anything in this scene. Their reactions spoke volumes.

Tahoumaru overhears his parents

Well, I suppose Tahoumaru knows the truth now. I wonder what he'll do with that information. I honestly still want him to be an ally of sorts, but it's not looking great for him.

Hyakkimaru faces the Banmon monster

Given all of the other things happening in this episode, this Banmon monster seemed like a bit of a side note to meet the monster quota for this series.

Hyakkimaru meets Daigo

This is hype.

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