Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episodes 14-15: Distorting the facts

Waiting in line

It's weird returning to these characters after so long in the story. We haven't really seen them since before the Imaginator arc, after all. It took me a while to realize that Keiji was a character we'd seen already, since he only appeared in the first episode. That being said, this arc seems promising so far. The King of Distortion seems like a reasonable antagonist, even if his name is bit worrying.

Kentarou meets his friend

It's rough trying to follow along with these two episodes, given how many characters it jumps between. Kei's the only familiar face who seems to be taking a major role in this story, so I suppose it's just a new set of characters to remember.

Kyouichirou's last work

As I recall, Kyouichirou was the synthetic human that Kuroda was investigating way back at the start of the previous arc. Does that mean that the two arcs are related? I'd be curious to see.

Keiji wonders where Touka is

Keiji just has no luck getting a date with Touka, does he? Curse this episode for making me think he was going to be a major character this time. Well, there's still a chance.

The King of Distortion's plan is to turn everything into gold

It might be too early to judge, but I'm having trouble understanding what the King of Distortion when they say they'll turn everything into gold. I suppose it wouldn't make sense to take it literally, right? The King of Distortion later says that they'll turn people pain into gold, but that still doesn't make any sense. It just seems like flowery language for now.

Kyouichirou has some plans

Are we supposed to suspect that Kyouichirou is ultimately behind the King of Distortion? Even if he's a synthetic human, it feels a bit too easy. But I suppose it's better than accepting that the King of Distortion came out of nowhere.

Also, I didn't catch the woman's name in this memory, but I assume she was the woman from the beginning of episode 14. That would make Makoto the kid who ran off to the bathroom.

The King of Distortion taunts people

I have to give the King of Distortion credit. Even if their name is ridiculous to type out, they do a decent job of living up to it. It feels like both of these episodes are a good demonstration of their ability to take a person's regrets and distort them.

Sakiko has trouble facing her regrets

I'm not sure what to make of these memory sequences yet. I guess they work as character development, but they're effectively acting as character introductions. These seem like the kinds of scenes you'd see after you knew a character better, so it's hard to take them seriously. That being said, I think it might make sense if these characters are meant to represent different reactions to the temptations from the King of Distortion. Sakiko might just be the one who fully buys into the "turning into gold" thing.

Kentarou confronts the King of Distortion

I think Kentarou's actually a fairly interesting main character for this arc. He seems reasonably competent, even if he was only using someone else's tool to hack companies. I like the way he's able to break himself out of the delusion using a healthy dose of skepticism.

Kentarou wonders who the King of Distortion is

I think I'd be annoyed if it turned out that Kentarou was still in a dream here. I get that the King of Distortion sets up the question of where the true nightmare is, but it seems like such a cheap reveal.

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