Grimms Notes The Animation Episode 9: Choice and sacrifice

Reina attempts to tune the broken world

Well, I like that this episode did more to call the heroes' actions into question. I'm still not sure I see how it affects the general message of the show, but it's progress nonetheless. The episode also does a weird thing where it shows its hand at the beginning of the episode before going back to tell the full story. Honestly, I don't think it adds much to the episode, so I question that move. It's been an incredibly slow burn, but I want to hold out on the hope that this series manages to make its concept work soon.

Aladdin guides the heroes

The addition of Aladdin to this series is really making me wonder if this series truly is a discount Kingdom Hearts.

Aladdin sacrifices himself to save Reina

Aladdin's death was a bit of a surprise, but I do like how it framed the goal of the main characters. While his death is tragic, he's able to break away from his predetermined fate and die on his own terms. "Restoring" the world means undoing that choice and forcing him back into his story. It's a bit weird that the series finally calls this out now when it's been a recurring theme in every Story Zone, but it's nice to see the question out there.

Loki taunts Reina

Even with his clearly villainous appearance, it's hard to argue with Loki here. While it's true that we don't know what a "collapsed Story Zone" entails, I can't exactly disagree with the idea that Reina's tuning is forcing everyone back into their roles. It all depends on what Loki and Curly mean when they say they want to "write their own stories". Do they want to destroy every story written by a Storyteller and make their own versions? Or are they truly giving freedom to the people living in existing stories?

The gang provokes the genie

As a small note, I think the plan that the main characters come up with in the fight against the genie was pretty good. Usually, it's just a series of attacks without a clear direction.

Reina chooses to maintain Aladdin's choice

I do like the fact that Reina chooses to respect Aladdin's choice, but I'd like to see how this affects her actions when a character's choice conflicts with the tuning itself. For this scenario, you can still argue that she's just doing her job as the tuner.

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