Dororo Episode 10: The other son

Daigo sees the waning prosperity of his country

I was pleasantly surprised by how likable Tahoumaru was in this episode. Given the resentment he's shown in previous episodes, I expected him to be a brat, but he seems like a decent character from this episode. I'll be curious to see how he ends up turning against Hyakkimaru. I think he could end up being a decent villain as long as he doesn't go berserk when he finds out the truth. I look forward to seeing where things go.

Daigo finds out Hyakkimaru is alive

It's about time this guy figured out that his son was still alive. We've seen Hyakkimaru go crazy fighting against normal humans in the past, so I wonder if Daigo's involvement will foster the darker side in him.

Tahoumaru wonders how to fight the crab

Tahoumaru seems like a perfectly reasonable character so far, which is great to see. He seems to care about his subjects, and he's willing to fight for them himself. Given the demonic side of Hyakkimaru that we've seen, I think it would be great to see Tahoumaru actually act as a counterweight to that. It would force us to question the protagonist, which could be interesting.

Tahoumaru traps the crab on land

Also, I think he's a worthy rival for Hyakkimaru given his capability in this episode. His plan to defeat the crab seems solid, and it almost works.

Hyakkimaru meets Tahoumaru

Personally, I think the episode would have been slightly better if it had focused solely on Tahoumaru. Hyakkimaru's interference here seems a bit excessive. That being said, I suppose it's about time the two met.

Also, was that crab a demon that held one of Hyakkimaru's organs? In the end, it didn't look like a statue broke, after all. I think the story's better if it is, though, since it would mean that Tahoumaru inadvertently worked against his father in his attempt to please his father.

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