Yakusoku no Neverland Episode 9: When the wall isn't enough

Ray finds out about Norman's shipment

The challenges never stop for these kids. This week's episode is probably the bleakest one yet. To be fair, I don't think that the escape should be easy, so it's nice to see these kinds of developments. However, part of me is worried that obstacles can keep popping up to artificially extend the time needed to escape. I hope it's not the case, since I'm getting pretty curious about the outside world.

Norman tries to comfort Emma

This episode does so many interesting things with the camera to add to the scenes (it's hard to convey with screenshots). In the scene where Norman walks to get the water, the camera follows his perspective, seemingly to heighten empathy for his sense of fear.

Ray tries to convince Norman to escape first

I do like the idea of letting Norman escape first, because it puts all of their plans into action. As a result, we get to see how it might have worked if they weren't caught.

Ray remembers his life as a fetus

While I don't really buy into this idea that Ray can remember being a fetus, I can accept that it's a part of this world. That being said, I'm curious why this revelation exists. On the surface, it could just be another nod at how bleak their situation is. But I wonder if the scene is somehow suggesting that the gate, which is where all of the heaviest security is, will inevitably be the route to the outside.

Norman finds the note left behind by Krone

I'm curious about the fact that Norman finds Krone's dying message before he tries to escape. I initially thought that it was going to be a warning about the cliff around the wall, which Norman later confirms. However, I'm getting the sense that it's going to be next step. Perhaps Krone knew that their plan wouldn't work, so she offers an alternative.

Norman finds a cliff

In that case, the fact that Norman goes to wall to see the cliff anyway might serve a dual purpose. He could have been confirming the information from Krone, since they never trusted her. Additionally, he probably gives the kids an extra edge by using the incident to make Isabella think that she's broken their resolve. It might not be how things turn out, but that's how I would see it.

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