Grimms Notes The Animation Episode 8: Power of the Tao family

Tao offers to travel with Shane

This week's episode honestly had a pretty interesting concept behind it, but I thought it had a lot of trouble tying things together. It was a good look at many of Tao's motivations, and it fleshed him out as a character. However, his connection with Shane felt awkward, and I thought that the idea of a villainous main character was a bit wasted.

Shane and Tao return to a familiar Story Zone

I thought it was cool that Tao and Shane come from the same Story Zone, but I wish that Shane could have been developed alongside Tao in this episode. For the most part, she's there to give context to his past, but it would have been nice to get a better sense of why they met and became friends. I get that Shane was an oni shunned by everyone around her, but what about Tao made her want to join him?

The oni are unarmed

The episode seems to continue along with the idea of questioning the fates laid out by the Storytellers. The oni are largely portrayed as victims simply trying to escape to safety. I like how the episode starts to set up Momotaro as the villain in the story, but it would have been nice to get a better understanding of why the power shift happened.

Momotaro appears with new friends

Is it ever really explained why Momotaro was attacked by the not-heartless at the beginning of the episode. I suppose you could explain it away by saying that the Chaos Teller was just manipulating him, but it's weird to see the minions swap sides like that without much reasoning.

Momotaro sacrifices himself to save Tao

I truly dislike the "forced" misunderstanding that's pushed by this flashback. The earlier version of the flashback is clearly cut to hint at Tao's "betrayal", which he later confirms in vague terms. It's frustrating to watch since it's clear where it's going.

Tao lectures Momotaro

There's a secondary consequence of this episode, which is that it confirms that blank book holders can legitimately change fates. There was this vague notion in Snow White's story that perhaps her ultimate fate was inevitable anyway, but it seems safe to say that Tao completely altered Momotaro's fate in his past.

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