Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episodes 10-11: Back to the past

Boogiepop tells Echoes a story

In a valiant attempt to catch up with the airing release, I'm taking on two episodes this week. This next arc seems to focus on the background of the series a bit more, going back in time to explain Boogiepop's name. So far, it strikes me as a lot more straightforward and interesting than the Imaginator arc, so I'm curious to see where it will go. The arc also starts with a reference back to Echoes, so I'm hoping it ties the other stories together in a meaningful way.

Scarecrow wonders about the Towa Organization

I'm still not sure I get the Towa Organization, but I appreciate that episode 10 starts out trying to explain them some more. Scarecrow's a surprisingly interesting rendition of the "grizzled" detective type, and the episode does a good job of indicating early that he's willing to betray the organization.

Nagi meets the detective

The younger Nagi was pretty entertaining to watch. I like how the episode gives some justification for her behavior in the present day. The idea that she tries to become a superhero as she suggested to the detective is a nice touch.

Scarecrow meets Boogiepop as he dies

Scarecrow's story ends up being a sad one, but it was still nice to see him risk his life to save Nagi's life. His influence on Boogiepop's name ends up being a bit disappointing, since he just gives a vague description that we can link to the current name. I guess it's fair for a series like this one.

Kisugi checks in on Nagi

Episode 11 is a nice shift from the previous episode. Scarecrow's story is initially portrayed as the act of a hero, but we see in this episode that it has the direct consequence of putting the drug he steals in Kisugi's hands. She then uses it on herself to evolve into a fear-draining villain. I like the idea of calling his actions into question by giving them a dual nature.

Kisugi marvels at evolution

I do have a slight problem with how "evolution" is used in this episode. The fact that someone with a science background like Kisugi calls regenerating rats a clear indication of "evolution" seems a bit much. I'm not sure I can buy into that.

On the other hand, Boogiepop's conversation with Kisugi was great. She's forced to face down a being who's clearly stating an intent to kill her, and the way the two talk around that idea is cool.

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