Winter 2019 Grab Bag Week 7: Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai

Kyrie just wants to be paid

Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai Episodes 5-6

Based on the recent episodes, it seems like the series is kind of settling in on its rhythm, and I think it's getting a lot more interesting. There doesn't seem to be any sort of central narrative, unless you count the random politics that Julia injects. However, recent episodes have been focusing more on the girls' pasts, which has made them more interesting. I would prefer having some more detail about their pasts, but they've been doing a good job of explaining individual quirks.

Reona apologizes for going nuts in the previous episode

I know the most recent episode was about Kyrie, but I wanted to take a moment and mention Reona. She was the focus in the previous episode, and I ended up really liking her story. I like the idea that she keeps herself in check as part of being the leader of the group. It would have been easy to make her insane when she's not holding back, but the "tenacious" aspect fits well with her character.

Julia talks about the policy changes

I have a hard time keeping track of the stuff Julia says, even though she seems to be incredibly important for worldbuilding. It sounds like Isao from the previous episode is trying to deal with sky pirates by enforcing restrictions with licenses to fly, which raises some interesting questions. However, Julia typically ends up being pushed to the side, so it's hard to take her seriously.

Kyrie chases off the mysterious plane again

Thinking back, I feel like the weirdest part about this episode is that we get an entire story of Kyrie's childhood, but we never find out what her problem with the mystery plane is. She yells a lot at it about previous encounters, but she doesn't seem to have much more of a connection with the pilot.

Kyrie just wants to learn more

If anything, I think Kyrie's childhood curiosity and desire to learn is pretty relatable.

Kyrie talks to her old friend

It's not a bad story, but what exactly was the takeaway from it? I suppose the story does a good job of showing why Kyrie loves to fly, but I'm not sure I understand the ending. She puts the rock down almost like a gravestone, and we saw her talking to it again in a previous episode. Did the old man actually die? He seemed fine when he flew off.

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