Grimms Notes The Animation Episode 6: A sudden turn

The queen consults the mirror

I ended up enjoying this week's episode a lot more than I expected. It's kind of a strange departure from the previous episodes, ending with the main characters changing the trajectory of the Story Zone they visit rather than restoring it. The episode gives me hope for the series as a whole, since it seemed to finally call the Book of Fate into question. This is what I wanted to see from this series, and I'm hoping it builds on it in the future.

Tao warns everyone about the danger of staying

This episode certainly brings up a lot of interesting ideas, such as what we see from this scene. The presence of blank Books of Fate seemingly endanger Story Zones by design, which makes the main characters a disturbance if you really think about it. I wish they'd gone into more detail about the consequences of derailing the story, though. Do they become the same as Chaos Tellers?

Snow White finds her prince

Here's another interesting concept. When Ex screws up the story in Snow White's Book of Fate, she implicitly assumes that he's fulfilling it. She later reveals that she knew all along that he wasn't her prince, but I still like what the scene suggested about the faith people have in their fates. They can be easily deceived by people with blank books, it seems.

The queen's fate is to die

I liked how the episode built up the feeling of dissonance with the queen. It lays out an inevitable conclusion in the Book of Fate that's horrible enough to make you wonder if it's even a good thing for the story to continue as written. It calls the rest of the series into question.

The queen tells Snow White her fate

That's later compounded when it's revealed that Snow White doesn't actually hate the queen. It actually almost feels like a meta thing when I think about it. In the original Brothers Grimm tale, the queen is killed as is fated in this episode, forced to dance with red-hot irons on her feet. In a way, the main characters change the story to soften it, almost like how our modern-day culture has softened the story of Snow White through Disney. Just a thought.

The Storyteller is questioned

I really hope the main characters start doubting this tuning thing going forward. It's pretty clear from this Story Zone that fate is not always the right way to go. That being said, I wonder if the episode also undercuts itself a bit with the ending. It leaves off with this half-conclusion that suggests that fate might not be so easy to change, which bugged me a bit. Still, I remain a lot more hopeful than I was before.

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