Planet With Review: Bringing you the most devastating clog in existence

Souya sits down for dinner

I'm a little late on this one, but I'm determined to keep churning out reviews. This series was one that largely caught me by surprise. It follows Souya Kuroi, an amnesiac who lives together with a somewhat dysfunctional family that includes an anthropomorphic cat. While his days mostly consist of a strong desire to eat meat, he's quickly pulled into a larger battle when a mysterious flying object approaches the city.

The heroes attack the flying object

As seven "heroes" fly out to fend off the invading ship, Souya has separate plans. Donning a mask and piloting the aforementioned cat (whom he calls Sensei), Souya instead targets those seven heroes. It's a series that doesn't draw a clear line between good and evil, which makes the character interactions a lot more believable in my eyes.

Cat robot attack

My favorite part about this series was watching the characters treat each other in realistic ways. When the burden of his mission becomes too much for Souya later down the line, nobody tries to force back into it. Instead, they take responsibility for the issue themselves. It's amazing to see. As a result, I think that the series becomes a bit harder to follow in the beginning, but continually makes more sense as characters are explained.

Ginko worries for Souya

Story-wise, the series has a clear message of learning from past mistakes and showing that humanity has the capacity for love. It might be a sappy moral, but it's simple and it works. Additionally, the series felt well-paced to me, knowing what to skip to get the important parts.

Explaining the story

When it comes to the mechs themselves, I ended up liking Souya's cat robot a lot, but that's mostly it. The seven heroes have their own unique forms, but I wasn't a big fan of how bulky they seemed. And if you're not a fan of having the main character shout out the same attack name over and over again, I might have some bad news for you. The fights themselves always felt interesting to watch as well, though they're mostly CGI if that's a deal breaker for you.

Shiraishi makes mysterious plans

All in all, it was a fun watch. It didn't take itself too seriously, and the characters were particularly interesting. While I do think that the story is ultimately straightforward, I think that it also takes a while to get to that point. So, that might be my caveat for the show.

Overall Score: 9/10

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