Winter 2019 Grab Bag Week 6: Karakuri Circus

Masaru's grandfather refuses to believe him

Karakuri Circus Episode 16

It feels like it's been a while since I talked about this series, but I've been keeping up with it on the side. I thought that this series had a weird enough story as it stood, but the recent revelations surrounding Masaru were even wilder. It feels a bit sudden, but I'm curious enough to see where it goes because it has such interesting implications.

Masaru's grandfather tries to show his memories

The idea that Masaru was intended to be overwritten with the memories of his father is a bit random, but it gives Masaru an intriguing enemy to face. He's facing not only the people who believe that Sadayoshi succeeded but also the part of himself that firmly believes that his father failed. Part of me wants to believe that Masaru's grandfather is correct, and Sadayoshi has secretly been in control of Masaru at key moments. It could be a surprising reveal later in the story.

Masaru learns about his grandfather's past as a doctor

That being said, I feel like the flashbacks in this series truly do come out of nowhere. Just to be clear, I think that they tend to be interesting and contribute to the overall context of the series. However, they tend to crop up in fairly tense moments, they're really long. It's almost like they distract from the story, and you're forced to remind yourself what's going on when they're done. It could feel more natural, you know?

Angelina arrives from the sea

Timing aside, though, I thought that Angelina's story was good. Her feelings of loneliness and confusion make sense given that shiroganes are born with such a set purpose. However, the story does its job of showing Lucille's love for her daughter, and Angelina's journey to find her own love. I'm totally fine with that.

Angelina reacts in shock to the word shirogane

This whole idea that Masaru's grandfather gave the shiroganes their name is a bit random. I guess it's fine, but it doesn't seem to change much.

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