Grimms Notes The Animation Episode 5: The obligatory beach episode

Yep, this is the beach episode

This week's episode was a strange one. From a logical standpoint, it felt weak, despite having an interesting concept behind it. I honestly think that the series is moving towards a promising direction, even if this episode overtly seemed like a return to the structure of the first two episodes. The introduction of a larger villain at the end of the episode gives me some hope at something deeper in the story, I guess.

Meeting the beached Silver

Part of what I liked about this episode is that we're no longer focused on Ex. In previous episodes, I got the sense that the episodes largely revolved around him, but he felt mostly non-existent in this episode. I think it's important for this to happen, since we still don't have very strong characterization on the other three members of the main cast.

Shane concludes that this is Treasure Island

This line from Shane seemed like a bit of a throwaway, but it actually raised a big question for me. Why exactly are the blank book holders familiar with the stories of the various Story Zones? Are they standard literature in every home world? Were they taught all of the major fairy tales?

Tao likes adventure

It's weird that this episode focuses so much on Reina's clumsiness, when it seemed to want to emphasize Tao's own personality. Maybe I'm just overthinking it.

Silver tricks Jim into finding the gold

I don't really have a problem with Silver's double-cross, but can someone explain his plan to me? From what I gathered, he was trying to lure crews to Flint's treasure in order to turn them into villains to build his own pirate crew. However, Reina states earlier in the episode that he could have already turned them into villains if they hadn't been holding blank books. So...what exactly was stopping him from just changing the people on the ship he attacked rather than leading Jim to gold?

Everyone dons swimsuits

I assume this is a reference to some kind of swimsuit event in the game that this series is based on. I works.

Silver fights against his fate

Also, I felt like the underlying theme of this episode was largely underdeveloped. Silver has a perfectly reasonable motivation for his actions. Why should he let fate decide whether he should pursue his dream? In the end, the story seems to end with the idea that you can still do what you want even if you know you'll fail, but it doesn't address the role of the main characters. By defeating him as a Chaos Teller, they're effectively telling him that he has to accept his fate, which is a weird message.

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