Yakusoku no Neverland Episode 5: Plans within plans

The clock watches Norman and Ray

It's fun to see this week's episode turn things around coming off of the reveal in the previous episode. The added dimension to Ray's character makes him really interesting. But wow, this series never lets up on the tension. Even the opening scene in the episode brings back the constant emphasis on time by showing Ray and Norman from the perspective of a swinging clock pendulum. I thought it was a cool scene, too.

Norman realizes that Ray was guiding them to Conny

Last week's episode seemed to end with a triumph for Norman, as he finally discovers who the traitor is. However, I like that this episode throws a new card into play by revealing that Ray orchestrated Emma and Norman's discovery of Conny. It's not just the fact that it's a twist, but rather that it completely makes sense. After all, Ray was the one who suggested that the two chase after Conny.

Ray threatens Norman

It's hard to even fault Ray for trying to force Norman to help him abandon the other kids. His guarded approach to the outside world is clearly the safe play, and Emma is the one acting emotional.

Norman realizes something

I'm curious whether I missed something in that conversation. After Ray leaves, Norman's expression seems to change towards one of relief, suggesting that he has realized something that Ray has missed. At the same time, Ray makes a noise that also suggests that he has also noticed his own mistake. I'm curious what it is, but I do appreciate how the episode portrayed it.

Emma interrogates Ray

I seriously enjoyed watching this side of Emma. It's hard to take her seriously, so I often have to remind myself that she is genuinely on par with Ray and Norman. It's nice to see someone like her suddenly shift her behavior, even if she immediately flips back to normal.

Norman warns Don not to make a stupid move

I get that Don is acting in character, given his obsession with Conny, but it was still painful to watch him immediately turn around and do what he was told not to do. Why did the main characters have to bring him on again?

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