Dororo Episode 5: Finding a voice

Hyakkimaru can't handle the noise

Wow, this series just gets sadder and sadder. I guess I shouldn't expect a happy time with a show like this, but Mio's situation was surprisingly rough. I'm curious to see where this story goes, though, since it's not a one-off like the others. It makes me think that the plan to move to a safer place is not going to go well.

Hyakkimaru tries to filter out the extra sounds

It might be because of the extra time in this story, but I like the little touch we get with Hyakkimaru's new ears. The first part of the episode sets some time aside and actually shows him struggling to learn how to deal with the new sounds (unsuccessfully). I think that element of adapting to his new body is the touch that I've felt was missing in previous episodes.

The kids meet the main characters

I feel really bad for Hyakkimaru. A group of kids feels like the worst thing to run into when you're suffering from a sensitivity to sound.

Dororo learns more about the kids and Mio

Looking back on this scene, it should have been pretty clear what Mio was doing in the night to earn money. For some reason, I just completely spaced when I first saw it, and I accepted what the kid was saying as an innocuous description. Well played, I guess?

Hyakkimaru enjoys Mio's song

I'm incredibly curious about how Hyakkimaru truly sees Mio throughout this episode. On a basic level, it seems like he just finds the sound of her voice pleasing amongst the cacophony. However, part of me wants to think that there's more to it than that. Maybe he can hear something else in her voice, and he's drawn to that. I hope we see something like that in the conclusion.

The mysterious aura of Hyakkimaru

This is a fairly minor scene, but it seems like it should be important. What's going on with Hyakkimaru's aura? Is he being corrupted by the red souls of the demons? Or is he recovering from a redder state before the start of the story?

Hyakkimaru faces off against another demon

Honestly, I thought that the fight against Fearow at the beginning of the episode looked a bit wonky, but the fight against the antlion at the end of the episode seemed to make up for it. I'm curious to see how Hyakkimaru deals with regaining his voice. Surely, he won't be able to speak properly for a while, right?

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