Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 6: Alliances start to form

Spooky E tells Aya to have sex with Masaki

From last week's episode to the end of this week's episode, I don't feel like my understanding of the story has changed too much. It's interesting to see Kazuko (Suema) take a larger role in this story, as I suspect that the series is trying to build a main cast. It's too early to say for sure, but I think she might be cool as the normal person who indirectly supports the other characters with a grounded perspective. However, a lot of the more salient pieces of information are somewhat in the dark.

Masaki valiantly tries to defend Aya

I wasn't sure what I was supposed to glean from Spooky E's conversation with Aya. From the nature of their argument, Aya still doesn't seem as mindless as Anou did when he was under Spooky E's control. However, she does have that "broken" sense to her, and she seems to follow his orders. Maybe that's just another revelation yet to come.

Kazuko is identified as an expert on weird behavior

I almost feel sorry for Kazuko for being described as someone who's an expert on people who suddenly act weird. It's just an interest in psychology, right? Yeesh. Anyway, part of me wonders if it's meant to set up a joke in the scene. Touka seems to shift to the Boogiepop personality when Kotoe arrives, and Kazuko doesn't seem to notice at all. I give the show points if that was the goal.

Jin reaches for the chests of two girls

We're starting to see more Jin's power, but it's a mystery nonetheless. Based on his encounter with the two girls in his office, he's thanked for removing the girls' fear. Is he removing emotion? That doesn't make sense when combined with his encounter with Anou in the previous episode. So, maybe he's removing the weakness in a person's heart. That would fit with the growing flower visuals later in the episode.

Aya tells Masaki about the rumors surrounding Boogiepop

I quite liked the shifting conversations near the end, one between Aya and Kazuko and the other between Aya and Masaki. The conversations clearly seemed to fit together, so it was interesting to see it that way. The one thing I did find confusing, though, was the timing of it. Based on the earlier scene with Anou, it seems like the conversation with Kazuko is meant to happen before he's saved by Jin, so I guess it's happening on the day before the conversation with Masaki. It's just weird that there's an orientation happening at that time.

Masaki agrees to act like Boogiepop

Masaki's going to pretend to be Boogiepop? He better not let his sister know about that. Still, I'm curious about this scene, since the episode ends with Aya vowing to fight against Boogiepop after talking with Kazuko. Is she lashing out at Boogiepop by using Masaki? Or is he meant to take Boogiepop's place?

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