Winter 2019 Grab Bag Week 4: Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai, Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai

I think I might have finally settled on a reasonable post schedule for this season. And so, I bring you a reasonably timed grab bag.

The girls plan their bonus spending

Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai Episode 3

This series still doesn't feel like it has shown its hand yet, so I'm inclined to conclude that we're just in for casual adventure time with the main girls. This week's episode seemed to hint at some character development for Emma, but we don't get any context for it. That being said, if the pirates from this episode end up being some kind of recurring gag antagonist, I could actually see that working.

The townspeople brag about their victory

It is kind of funny that we're introduced to the townspeople first in this episode. Because they talk so big with only decrepit defense systems to back it up, it's really hard to root for them. Combined with the somewhat goofy Elite Industries, it makes it tough to decide who to side with.

Elite Industries presents a very convincing painting

Well, I can't exactly get upset about this. Sure, these guys are pirates, but they have the respect to bribe the town with a fake painting. That's dedication.

Emma lectures the town about pirates

I suppose it's clear that Emma has some big issue with sky pirates, but that's all we get in this episode. I mean, it's fine for explaining why she goes off the rails, but I honestly think the episode could have spent a little time with her story. There was a decent amount of time that felt empty, with the townspeople going on about how great they were.

The girls can't chase after the pirates

I think it's interesting that the series has the girls fail a mission early on. Given that the format of the series is still in question, it's hard to say whether they're going to try and finish the job. The fact that the villagers take a different victory from the battle makes it seem like this episode is supposed to stand on its own, but it's always possible.

Shirogane wonders why he has to do the work

Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai Episode 3

I'm enjoying how goofy this adaptation is. The first two episodes seemed to focus more on delivering satire through extremely serious situations, which this episode seemed to toss random jokes in for fun. To that end, the episode even starts off by fast-forwarding through the intro, almost acknowledging that it has shown us those exact scenes twice now.

Lewd country

With so many of the previous battles determined by excessive overthinking on both sides, it's fun to have a battle that's just a complete misunderstanding. I guess it's supposed to focus on the fact that Kaguya is heavily sheltered. I think it's hilarious how Chika eventually describes the "first time" to Kaguya in the end. It goes on way longer than I would have expected.

Shirogane gets the right answer

The second story is probably my favorite of the episode, since it's seems to be the more straightforward mind game. Kaguya intentionally misleads Shirogane with vague answers, and he manages to see through it in the end.

Friends with a yeti

This scene is probably my favorite joke of the episode, since it's completely random and requires a bit of attentiveness. When the child clarifies Yeti is just a nickname and not a reference to the actual Abominable Snowman, we get a brief glimpse of a yeti on the side. It's a great example of innocently correcting a misunderstanding only to throw it back into play.

Chika dances to the ending

I think this should go without saying, but Chika's ED theme is amazing.

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