Grimms Notes The Animation Episode 3: Back to once upon a time

Ex watches a bird fly through the sky while pondering his fate

This week's episode takes a step back to reintroduce the characters somewhat. This story was hinted at in the previous episode, but I didn't expect to actually see it play out in its entirety. In some sense, I think that this episode starts to provide the context that's missing, but it feels weirdly abrupt. I'm curious to see how it plays out, since it feels like it might finally explain the show's direction.

Cinderella meets Ex

To put it bluntly, I think the timing of the episode is strange. I understanding starting in the middle and then going back to provide context, but it feels like this episode should have happened last week. Don Quixote's story stands on its own, so there's no real benefit to showing it before this one (other than to showcase Red Riding Hood again). Additionally, starting this story in the previous episode would mean that Ex's backstory would reach its climax at that all-important episode three mark.

The townspeople gossip about Ex's lack of a fate

I really want to like this concept of the books of fate. Honestly, I can relate to Ex, since I had a similar sense growing up. I never truly had a good sense of what I wanted to do in life, and I was often surrounded by people with burning passions for their futures. As the indecisive one in the group, I can understand feeling lost when everyone else seems to have their entire life planned out.

Cinderella discusses her fate

That being said, I can't exactly agree with how the books of fate are portrayed in this series. They feel so cheap. I can understand why people would rely on something like that, since certainty provides a lot of comfort. But it feels so disconcerting to watch people feel so happy about having a scripted life. It's hard to get myself into the mindset of these people, never having known the uncertainty of normal life, and I don't think the series conveys that concept well.

Loki messes around

As I mentioned with the previous episode, I find it hard to fully disagree with the concept of the Chaos Tellers. In a scripted world, giving the people choice seems fine, so I have trouble seeing them as evil. I feel like the show is going to have to do a lot to convince me in that regard.

Ex becomes Roxas

Okay, this series looks more and more like Kingdom Hearts with each passing episode. I'm not sure what character that's supposed to be, but he looks a lot like Roxas.

Cinderella is the main character

As a side note, I find it interesting that Reina constantly takes Cinderella's form in the first two episodes. It could be an atonement of sorts for failing to save her here.

Also, I find it weird that this focus on finding the "main character" is just coming up now.

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