Dororo Episode 4: Heavy rain sounds

Osushi calls out to Hyakkimaru

This week's episode is a bit hard to judge. While I liked how the story tied into Hyakkimaru's recovery, I had trouble accepting the story as a standalone thing. I think a lot of my hesitations come from the fact that Hyakkimaru's thoughts are still a black box, and we can't do much more than guess at them. That aside, I do think that this episode does a good job with the fights. It's harder to judge when Hyakkimaru is fighting the more grotesque monsters, so the human enemy in this episode adds quite a lot.

Osushi wonders if Hyakkimaru is listening to the rain

I think this line is cool for setting up the final scene. It does make me wonder what Hyakkimaru was truly doing, though. Personally, I assumed he was feeling the rain, since he has his sense of touch back now.

Tanosuke talks about his sword

To be honest, I'm a little bit disappointed in how self-contained this episode was. Maybe I was setting the wrong expectations for myself, but I totally thought that the scene at the beginning of the episode was meant to set up the blind man's backstory, not Tanosuke's.

Dororo can't resist the sword

Also, I didn't feel like the episode explored the "will" of the sword enough. From how much we see Dororo resisting the sword's influence, it becomes clear that the wielder has some capacity to act. However, Tanosuke gives himself completely to the sword, so it's an interesting question of who's really at fault.

The lord order Tanosuke to kill the builder of his castle

It's not like I blame Tanosuke for falling into ruin. He's clearly the victim of a petty lord, so he's arguably in a broken state when he picks up the sword.

Hyakkimaru tries to get the sword away from Dororo

I'm also curious about Hyakkimaru's "vision". Despite the fact that Tanosuke is completely consumed by the sword, he still sees Tanosuke in the same color as Dororo. Does he not sense intentions with his spirit vision? It seems like he just sees all humans the same way.

Hyakkimaru regains his hearing

Ouch, I feel sorry for Hyakkimaru. The first thing he hears in his life is a crying woman. This guy can't catch a break. To top it off, it's right after he fails to hear her plea to spare her brother.

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