Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 5: The Organization has found us

Aya offers to have sex with Masaki

I see we're still following the first arc's of keeping the first episode in the arc very loosely related to the rest of the arc. This week's episode basically took the random pair we saw at the end of last week's episode and shifted the entire focus on them. I'm hoping that this arc's random side element (the Towa Organization) has a better payoff than Echoes did.

Given this show's penchant for tying everything together, I would be more impressed if they were somehow linked to Echoes directly. And with this unknown element, I guess most of this post will be a documentation of what I'm hoping does or does not happen in this arc.

Masaki ponders his situation with Aya

When I first saw this episode, I thought it was just an elaborate plot to get Nagi to join this arc, since it involved her brother. I guess that remains to be seen, but Masaki's personal story was interesting nonetheless. I can somewhat relate to his issue with standing out when he's trying not to do so. That being said, the first half of this episode seemed like quite the drastic shift. It almost felt like I'd suddenly started watching a toned-down romance series.

Jin gives Masaki some advice

I really should have expected it, but Jin remains a mystery in this episode. I'm absurdly curious about his newfound ability, and we didn't get much more than a hint.

Towa Organization makes its appearance

Just when the series had convinced me that Anou's story was a completely random development, it brings in the Towa Organization to throw everything into chaos. Part of me wonders if this series has too much going on, since these Towa folks don't seem related to the Imaginators at all.

Jin comments on Anou's lack of emotion

I don't quite understand this scene. Jin states that Anou cannot be saved, having fallen under the control of the Towa Organization, but he proceeds to free Anou from the mind control. I'm getting some mixed messages here. Did Jin mean Anou's heart in general can't be saved? Perhaps he was commented on Anou's unrequited love for Masaki.

Boogiepop takes care of the Towa Organization

Boogiepop's interjection makes this story feel so much more like a throwaway. I guess Boogiepop isn't able to finish the guy off, so it's not resolved. I'm not sure how to feel about it.

Aya is confronted by the Towa Organization

Part of me really wants Aya's link to the Towa Organization to be more than what we saw from Anou. She exhibits similar behavior, but there's something off about her.

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