Dororo Episode 3: History time

Jukai starts to feel remorse for his actions

I had my reservations about this episode in the beginning, but it turned out to be an entertaining backstory for Hyakkimaru and the doctor. The doctor's story of redemption felt a bit formulaic in the beginning, but it evolved into something else when Hyakkimaru came along. Other than that, this episode mostly hits the pause button on the story, so I'm still a bit curious about the development from last week. It seemed like Hyakkimaru was starting to experiment with the sensation of pain in this episode, but it's hard to tell what his intentions are.

The villagers wonder about the mysterious doctor who is helping them

I had a bit of trouble accepting Jukai's story at first. In the beginning, his misdeeds don't really make much sense, and seeing him try to atone for his sins doesn't seem like anything new. I might have been interested in exploring the thoughts of the villagers a bit more, as they would feel both saved and betrayed by the doctor, but we don't get anything like that.

Jukai is threatened by his apprentice

It feels like there should be something there. Does Jukai's past erase the good he's done for these people? For this guy, I suppose not, but we don't get much further than that.

Wondering about the mysterious power of Hyakkimaru

Things get a lot more interesting when Hyakkimaru comes into the picture. I liked how the episode showed him struggling to survive while his brother lives the idyllic life in his place. At this point, I'm convinced that the two are going to end up fighting each other in the future, so this setup is cool.

Jukai questions his actions

The agony of Jukai is surprisingly relevant in this backstory too. While attempting to atone for his crimes, his greatest success is arguably the creation of an unfeeling killing machine. I like how his final moments with Hyakkimaru seem to dispel that worry to suggest that he's truly done the right thing.

Dororo figures out Hyakkimaru's condition

Come on, Dororo. Try to keep up.

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