Random First Impressions: Endro, Girly Air Force

I'm nearly done with the first impressions for shows I've watched. Here are two more.

The hero has a simple wish to make people smile

Endro First Impressions (1)

Honestly, there's not too much to say about this series. I tend to like this kind of show, but it's not for everyone. The basic idea is simple. In this fantasy world, the hero, playfully named Yuusha, and her party defeat the demon lord with forbidden dimension magic. This magic ends up sending the demon lord back in time as a little girl. Adopting the name Mao, the demon lord attempts to change history and prevent her inevitable defeat at the hands of the hero.

Yuusha pulls out the cursed sword

It seems unfair to judge this series as a time travel series, but it incorporates that element to a small degree. Unsurprisingly, it's not great as a time travel series, since history seems to follow the same course despite Mao's interference. That inevitably begs the question of why Mao doesn't know this already, which I'm sure will have some boring explanation. And given the straightforward nature of Yuusha, I wouldn't be surprised if it's eventually revealed that this is her plan all along, giving the demon lord a chance to smile or something.

Roll credits

That being said, I still think the episode was fun to watch when I didn't take it too seriously. The scenes are cute, and I appreciate a series that doesn't mind poking fun at itself. The early credits scene makes a lot more sense with the time travel aspect, and I definitely thought it was hilarious when Yuusha was forced to use a club as a weapon.

Kei waits outside of the base

Girly Air Force First Impressions (1-2)

A non-trivial amount of my interest in this series comes from the fact that I grew up near an air force base. The first episode sets up the basic story, which follows Kei Narutani, a Chinese refugee who lost his mother to an attack by the unknown flying creatures known as Xi. In an attack over Shanghai, Kei meets Gripen, an Anima designed to fight the Xi, and becomes tasked with helping Gripen.

Gripen is scatterbrained

I mean, I guess this series works as a typical cute girls story with some sci-fi aspect incorporated. I just have a hard time taking it seriously when I see an episode like the second episode, which seemed like it was filled to the brim with the standard, almost romcom-esque, setup.

Gripen feels like something is missing.

They're really going full force into this whole "the girls are planes" thing, huh? I suppose I can't be too upset with Kei. He still probably sees Gripen as the pilot, so he can't be expected to assume that he should pilot her.

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