Grimms Notes The Animation First Impressions (1): Telling a grand story

Alice attacks a monster

In many ways, you get what you'd expect from this episode as a game adaptation. As far as a fantasy series goes, it's not a bad concept, but I don't think this first episode did a good job introducing its main premise. Going by what's obvious, the story takes place in a world based on Grimms' Fairy Tales, in which each inhabitant is given a Book of Fate containing the story of that person's life. The main characters are in search of Chaos Tellers, beings which create monsters to terrorize stories...for reasons.

Reina explains about the Chaos Tellers

While I do appreciate that the episode tries to weave its exposition into what it's doing. Using Ex as the newbie to give the other characters a reason to explain themselves is fine, for the most part. I still don't get who the main characters are, though, and why they're seemingly able to traverse stories that aren't their own.

Villagers consult their books

I do find the concept of the Book of Fate interesting, and I'd be curious to see how the story uses normal people to show how these books influence society. It reminds of me of "Yulia's Score" from Tales of the Abyss, which I thought was an underdeveloped aspect of that series. Maybe this series has something else to say about that.

Red Riding Hood is a title passed down

Along those same lines, I do wonder if other stories are like the one we're introduced to in the first episode. Here, the inhabitants of the "Red Riding Hood" world seem to be locked in some kind of loop as they perpetuate the popular fairy tale. Is that normal? It gives the main characters an excuse to relive the events of each fairy tale, I suppose.

Shane questions Red Riding Hood

I don't mind the twist that Red Riding Hood is actually playing host to the Chaos Teller, and I liked this scene in particular. With the way Shane calls out to Red Riding Hood in her interrogation, I'm assuming it's meant to be a call back to the way Red Riding Hood questions the wolf in the story.

Red Riding Hood turns the hunter into a wolf

One (slightly) big plot point that I didn't understand in this episode was the wolf. Is there actually a separate wolf who's meant to eat Red Riding Hood or is it supposed to be the hunter? I get the sense that there's meant to be another wolf, but it's weird that it just never makes an appearance in the episode.

Alice discusses battle strategies with Cinderella

Wait, so Ex is actually in control of Alice when he transforms? That must make things interesting.

Ex has a blank book

So...what? Without even knowing if Ex is the only character with a blank Book of Fate, it's hard to really draw any conclusions from this scene. As I mentioned before, we don't exactly have any idea who the main characters are supposed to be.

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