SSSS.Gridman Final Episode (12): That went pretty crazy

Is it actually Hibiki?

As far as endings go, I wasn't super happy with how this series ended. It's probably just a difference of style, since I would prefer a more definitive explanation and this series ended with a lot of plot points left up to interpretation. This entire series was an awkward watch for me, since it was clearly a huge reference back to its old school prequel (and I hadn't seen it). As an outsider reading the comments of people who were fans of the original, I just felt like I was missing out on a ton of information. Oh well, I guess the show was fun enough, though.

Akane turns into a kaiju

Akane's kaiju form was pretty cool. I suppose the form was meant to represent how she withdrew into herself, and I did like the fact that its cry was her scream.

Anti gets stabbed

I also thought it was funny that Anti ended up being the one who saved Akane when she was turned into a kaiju rather than Gridman. It really sucks to be Anti, though.

Alexis brags about his immortality

I'm a bit annoyed that the final battle between Alexis and Gridman devolved into a fairly generic discussion of immortality. I'm assuming it's another reference back to the original, but it seems to fly in the face of the rest of the show.

Akane can't fix the atrocities she's committed in the fake world

This scene is a bit of a weird inclusion, since it seems to paint a negative picture of Akane in the end. She admits that she's been a monster in her artificial world, but she immediately leaves after admitting it. It's like she's leaving the world behind after abusing it. I guess the implication is that she would atone in the real world, but it's an awkward thing to point out in the end.

Gridman is sure Yuuta will be okay

Oh, so Yuuta's interest in Rikka existed because of the real Yuuta's influence. I was starting to wonder about it in the end, since the series implied that Gridman was the one who fell for Rikka.

Also, my interpretation was that Gridman chose Yuuta because he was the only one who wasn't looking at Akane in her fake world, so he was already defying her programming. But I suppose that can only be a guess in the end.

Akane wakes up in the real world

Crap, did I just write about a show that wasn't an anime? My blog is a failure...

Final Score: 6/10

Fun for the action, but I probably didn't have the right prior knowledge for this show.

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