Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Episode 10: Art hopping

Asagi and Hitomi feeling the awkwardness

This episode certainly shifted gears quickly, but it was nice to finally hear why Hitomi hated magic. And to be fair, it was a decent reason that made a lot of sense, so no complaints here. I'm sure there's still more to that story, but this is a good start.

Shou wonders what's going on between Hitomi and Asagi

Well spotted, Shou.

Hitomi and Asagi finally talk

It's a nice development to see Hitomi valuing her friendship with Asagi enough to take deliberate steps to reach out to Asagi. Even with how awkward the two were around each other, Hitomi still chose to follow Asagi into what could only be a more awkward situation. It's nice that they made up, even if it was strangely quick.

Hitomi practices her magic in preparation for the show

The whole idea of bringing people into a drawing is cool, but the magic part of it felt a bit sketchy. Kohaku states that Hitomi has a special talent for casting the spell to enter the drawing since she needs to touch the heart of the artist. It makes sense for Hitomi to resonate with Aoi's drawings because the two have a connection, but Hitomi's practice runs are done with other random paintings. How exactly does that work out?

Hitomi sees colors with everyone else in the painting

I like this line from Hitomi. It's nice that Aoi's art gives her the ability to feel more normal with everyone else.

Hitomi remembers her mother leaving

I'd be curious to see how Hitomi's mother actually felt. Given the circumstances, it actually makes sense for her to resent Hitomi, who seems to have a gift with magic, if she herself had no talent for magic. It could also make sense for Hitomi's mother to have gone through a situation similar to Hitomi's, repressing her own magic. Given how passionate Kohaku is about magic, I could definitely see that. Hopefully, the story goes over that too.

Hitomi lets out her frustration

I really expected Aoi to insist that Hitomi did nothing wrong here, but he totally lets her vent. That's kind of different...

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