Golden Kamuy Episode 21: A very dark episode

Sugimoto talking about ancient ninjas

There's no Double Decker this week, so the schedule is shifting a bit. For how crazy this episode was, it did a surprisingly good job of bringing story threads together. I've been kind of wondering for a while how Tsurumi's actions relate to the main cast's actions, and they're surprisingly connected. As always, it's entertaining to see how insane this series can be while continuing to be fairly serious.

Talking about the blind bandits

The setup for the bandits was actually quite interesting. They had more of a story than I would have expected, and I think the idea of miners blinded by sulfur mining seeking revenge is cool.

Old man warns Asirpa about the bandits

I honestly expected this guy to be one of the bandits.

Inkarmat remembers receiving her kimono

Given the extent of Ogata and Tanigaki's flashbacks, part of me feels a bit cheated with Inkarmat's backstory.

Inkarmat dreams about bears

Hey, it's been a while since we saw these bears. Good to know that they're part of this season too. That aside, I'm still confused about Inkarmat's relationship with Tanigaki. From side research, I've seen some discussion about a missing story from their travels together (before rejoining the main cast), so I wonder if it's just a consequence of adaptation edits. That's too bad.

Toni Anji tells Sugimoto that he can't go back

The interaction between Toni Angi and Sugimoto in the end. I'm curious to see how Sugimoto reacts to this line about never being able to go back to who he was before the war. It could be an interesting setup for some character growth.

Tsurumi plots on the sidelines

I was pleasantly surprised to see that Tsurumi's plans were related to the weapons that the warden was buying from the blind miners' efforts. It might not be much, since Tsurumi's still doing his own thing, but it's nice to see the stories relate to each other.

Sugimoto is strangely similar to Hijikata

The suggestion that Sugimoto might be related to Hijikata came pretty far out of left field. Honestly, I think it's a great development, and it makes a lot of sense.

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