Fall 2018 Grab Bag Week 9: Karakuri Circus

Narumi faces off against multiple automata

As always, I'm a little behind on shows, but I managed to catch up a bit on this show. As I kind of expected, the show was pretty quick to bring Narumi back from the grave, but I do appreciate what the show is doing. The recent episodes have been tying the Zonapha syndrome back to the main story, placing the source of the disease on the mysterious Midnight Circus. I had mostly forgotten about the Midnight Circus, but I vaguely recalled that they were mentioned in the very first scene in the episode. That sure took a while to come back around.

Narumi goes nuts

I guess the "light and dark" thing they're doing with Shirogane and Narumi could be interesting. His amnesia is a bit annoying, but we'll see where it goes. I'm also curious about the fact that Narumi becomes a "shirogane", but I'm guessing there's a simple explanation. For example, it could be the case that Shirogane takes that name because that's all she was ever called.

Narumi puts on a mask

Why do I get the feeling that this mask will only serve as an excuse to get Narumi and Shirogane to fight each other?

Shirogane starts to heal

Making it so Shirogane also has the Aqua Vitae (or at least, something similar) is pretty random. We do see some limitations in the fight this week, but I'd like to know their full extent. Having two immortal protagonists isn't going to make this story too interesting. It also calls into question a lot of Shirogane's scenes from the previous episodes.

Vilma messes with Shirogane

I do appreciate that the series is keeping Narumi separated from Shirogane and Masaru, though. It's giving them the chance to grow as characters with the memory of his death.

Shirogane offers to heal Masaru's wounds

If Shirogane's blood can protect Masaru from illnesses, does that mean that Narumi's blood has a similar effect? I suppose you could argue that the effect is preventative, and therefore has no effect if the children already have the Zonapha syndrome. However, I wouldn't put it past Narumi to try and distribute his blood to as many healthy kids as possible to keep them safe. And if Shirogane's healing comes from a different source, I suppose that argument is moot.

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