Fall 2018 Grab Bag Week 8: Zombieland Saga

Junko locks herself in

Zombieland Saga Episode 7

This show is one of the weirdest ones to talk about, not only because it's a comedy series but also because it can be a bit of a wild ride. For me, it tends to be strongest when it's at its most absurd levels. In contrast, I think the series tends to become more monotonous when it falls back towards the hallmarks of a typical idol show. I get that it may sometimes be necessary since the show is an idol show even if it's trying to make fun of them, but it's just not as entertaining for me.

Koutarou confronts Junko

In this episode in particular, I think we're just missing too much background on Junko. I get that her memories of her previous life are weak because she's a zombie, but it's harder to understand her based solely on her constant insistence that idol culture has changed too much. Maybe if I was someone who was more versed in idol culture, I might know this, but I'm really not that guy.

Koutarou lectures Junko about herself

That being said, Koutarou had a pretty decent speech in this episode, encouraging Junko to stay true to her roots regardless of the modern social climate. The joke that she's a zombie, not a robot, was funny because zombies tend to be even more mindless than robots.

Junko is hit by a van

I appreciate a good call back to the first episode.

Tae mimics Saki

For me, Tae is a really consistent source of comedy in this show, and I think it's hilarious that she's finally starting to speak by copying Saki, the "leader".

The zombies are struck by lightning

Having the girls get struck by lightning anyway is a funny way to get Ai over her issues. I appreciate that the lightning strike is incorporated into the song too, but it ends up sounding like cheap autotune, which is less great.

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