Fall 2018 Grab Bag Week 7: Slime

I'm running low on new shows to talk about. Also, I admit that this week has been awkward for me, so I'm just going with some casual slime life for this post. Slife ho?

Young Shizu makes a friend

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken Episode 7

I really enjoy the added emphasis on slapstick humor in this show. I never got the same sense when I was reading the manga, so it's a nice bit of flair in this adaptation. It absolutely fits the tone of the series too. As for the episode itself, I honestly think that Shizu's story isn't super interesting even if it is sad. The theme of fighting against her inner demon is fine, but I don't think her story does enough to justify her sudden berserk shift.

Facing off against Ifrit

Hey, this Ifrit fight looked pretty decent. Maybe the animation in the opening and ending themes aren't flukes after all. I would have liked to see some more thought put into Rimuru's adaptation of the Icicle Lance. I think it's a cool change, and it just felt like a given for Rimuru.

Great Sage suggests blowing up the world

This sounds like a good option. Steam is harmless, right?

Great Sage is exasperated

The sudden emotion from the Great Sage was hilarious. Between this sigh and the casual suggestion to blow up the world, the Great Sage did a lot of good work in this episode.

Ifrit meets Veldora

Oh hey...Veldora still exists.

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