Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Episode 8: The perils of prom

Maxine cuts her hair

I thought that having an episode that was a lot more like a typical police drama was cool, but the culprit for this episode was way too obvious. And while the reveal with Maxine's past was surprising, I felt like this episode was kind of missing its punchline, which is what this series excels at. That being said, Maxine's past was interesting, and I still thought this episode wasn't bad.

Robot talking about Maxine's past

Thinking back on it, this scene was very clearly playing on typical expectations. But when you really consider the type of show this was, it seems pretty ridiculous to think that Maxine would join the police out of pure spite. It's actually a decent choice for an extended joke.

Maxine cuts her hair

This episode had a weird pace to it. I almost feel like Hannah didn't get much time at all. She was clearly meant to be a character we would expect to mirror Maxine, but she pretty much disappears after she's attacked.

Yuri just wants to talk about drugs

Yuri was really effective as a support character in this episode. That being said, she may want to rethink this statement.

Camilla comforting Elle

Yeah, this scene wasn't hiding the fact that Camilla was the culprit at all. The way she said this was just way too creepy. Do I just watch too many police dramas? That might also be a possible explanation.

Camilla worried about the prom

You know, this episode introduced the concept of overdosing on Anthem, and Maxine also had a "IV" in her eye when she confronted the transformed Camilla. Doug treated the distinction as obvious, but it still would have been nice to know why the distinction was supposed to be important.

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