Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Episode 6: Mission accomplished?

everybody stares at the crazy one

Wow, this week's episode was really fun to watch. I really didn't expect the episode to end the way it did, and I thought it handled drama in an awesome way to avoid dragging it out too much. I'm still curious to see where the show goes with the looming mystery of Hitomi's magic. So far, it's starting to look like most of her problems may have been caused by her own magic, which feels like a cheap explanation. But there's still plenty of time to see what's actually going on.

Aoi talking about a fish he used to draw

I was surprised by this revelation that the fish we keep seeing isn't actually what Aoi normally draws. It makes me wonder about the nature of Hitomi's magic, since she continually sees it. It's hard to speculate without knowing too much about the magic of this world, but maybe her magic resonates with Aoi's personal insecurities or something and manifests itself as the fish.

I mean, I guess the drama of this relationship is still going. I can't really be upset since it seemed like Asagi made at least a little progress in this episode.

walking around with fake clouds

There's no way I'm going to pick up on all of the symbolism in this scene, but it was still a great scene. I like the scribbles and X marks that seem to be representative of Aoi's current frustration with his art.

shadow chasing after the fish

I'm not sure whether this scene is meant to represent Aoi or Hitomi. The argument for Aoi is pretty strong, since you could see the shadow as a representation of Aoi searching for the same feeling or success he had when he drew the fish. But the fish seems more linked with Hitomi and her own struggles, so I'm actually a bit torn.

Hitomi getting some advice

The way this scene played out was really interesting. It doesn't seem like much, but I saw it as a nice step forward for Hitomi. In the previous scene, she discusses her relationship with Aoi with Kohaku, the person she seems to trust the most. Kohaku basically tells her that their relationship will work out fine. Here, Kurumi and Asagi give Hitomi similar reassurance, which leads to Hitomi trusting them more. Again, progress is nice.

Hitomi seeing Aoi talk to another girl

I definitely expected this scene to devolve into a typical misunderstanding between Aoi and Hitomi, but I was happy to see how it turned out. Once again, Kohaku's support is amazing, and it was great to see Aoi go after Hitomi to clear things up immediately.

Hitomi looking out to see color

I can't believe Hitomi got her colors back already. I was honestly expecting that to be a climactic scene in the show. Don't get me wrong. This scene was still really strong and impactful. It's just so early...

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