Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Episode 7: Serious business

Oh, I see they just went ahead and resolved Doug's revenge plot. Huh...that happened. In all seriousness, I liked the way this story was handled, even if it did seem quick. Doug's personality is explained, and the whole encounter improves his relationship with Kirill. I also thought it was cool because I spent the entire episode waiting for a punchline, and the episode ended up being fairly serious. I guess we're due for some reciprocation when Kirill's brother comes back around? I know next week is switching to a completely new character, but a man can dream, right?

Everyone is a jerk to Derick. I can accept this.

The slow build in this episode was cool to watch. At one point, I was wondering whether Good-Looking Joe was actually the partner Doug had lost, since an informant that had infiltrated Esperanza made sense. Still, I liked where the story ended up going.

The Anthem thing hasn't been doing much in recent episodes, but at least this episode still involves drugs? That totally counts, right? Anyway, I honestly wasn't paying too much attention to these throwaway characters, so I don't feel much when I saw this betrayal.

While this strangely petty reasoning to kill an innocent bystander fits the setting of the show, I personally feel like it's a bit out of place in the overall tone. I admit it works as a departure, but something about killing a child feels excessively harsh. Wasn't this show supposed to be funny?

Does this mean Doug was a wild cop before meeting Patricia? To be fair, I would say that this also explains why Doug messes with Kirill so much. He generally comes off as an adult teasing a child when he interacts with Kirill.

While Doug certainly isn't composed during the confrontation, I liked the fact that he remains rational despite his clear emotional attachment to the case. It really fits him as a character.

Was this scene meant to show that Doug lied about knowing the gun would misfire? Personally, I think it's better if Kirill just gives Doug a nice explanation of the misfire to console him a bit. It's a great sign that the two are getting closer.

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