Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai Episode 5: That went well. Time for it go wrong?

This episode was fun to watch, but it really makes me wonder. I was glad to see that Sakuta and Mai's conversation went how I had hoped it would go. No need to dwell too much, and we even got some bonus progress with Kaede. To be honest, the episode seemed to be juggling a lot more side character stories while it was focusing on Tomoe. It's not a bad thing, but I can see it being hard to keep up if it gets too crazy. I'm very curious to see how things turn out next week, since the episode seemed to end on a dark cloud despite a fairly positive resolution.

It was nice to see Kaede warming up to Mai. It makes me wonder if Kaede's story will be an amalgamation of interacting with all of the characters Sakuta inevitably saves, helping her regain her lost confidence. That could be cool?

I like this small scene with Sakuta. The earlier conversation with Mai sets up the idea that he's not fully comfortable with living a lie to help Tomoe, so we see him giving himself some peace of mind. That being said, something about this scene bothers me. Maybe plot convenience is what it is, but I get the feeling that it's too convenient for the guy to be such a jerk.

I guess this is a larger discussion about the "fear of missing out" thing. To be honest, I don't really relate to it, since I don't have that urge to stay part of the conversation (my general lack of social media preference is probably evidence of that).

Hey, no one told me Futaba and Kunimi were part of this story! I can't complain about flustered Futaba, though.

You see, this scene just bothers me. I'm sure I'm overthinking, but I see this scene and my only thought is that there's no way Tomoe is the real demon.

Well, I totally expected Sakuta to just get beaten up, but that was pretty impressive.

After seeing this scene, I'm a little apprehensive about what might happen in the next episode. The arc still hasn't been resolved, which means that some form of drama awaits us. This episode spent a lot of time focusing on the fact that Sakuta can face the world as long as the people important to him truly need him. It makes me wonder if that support system will crumble next week.

Tomoe's expression in this final scene really looks like jealousy to me, so I'm getting worried that she might do something to rip Mai away from Sakuta. I might have an issue with that, depending on how it plays out. There's been a looming threat of a massive time reset throughout this arc, and it could end poorly.

  • Jacq

    Nov. 1, 2018, 5:55 p.m.

    I think that the sempai being a jerk is a natural progression of the story. If he wasn't such a jerk :-

    1. He wouldn't have hounded a poor junior so much that she has to create a fake relationship to get away from him.
    2. That poor junior might actually like him for his personality, instead of rejecting him because he's too popular.

    Yes, it is a convenient plot device but without it there would be no story. Its like saying the main villian is conveniently villianous, disregarding the fact that if he wasn't, there would be no adventure for the hero to take part in.



    Nov. 1, 2018, 6:33 p.m.

    that's all fair. i dont really have a problem with using him as a plot device, but i get a bit nervous when the character traits start feeling too extreme


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