Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Episode 6: The surprises never end

The humor in this week's episode didn't really work for me, but I still thought the second half of the episode was entertaining. I like the misunderstandings in this show, but I wasn't a huge fan of the "show within a show" thing. The introduction of Kirill's brother (sister?) certainly makes things interesting, but I'm curious where the show goes with it. It could end up being a generic betrayal story, but this show could definitely make it funny.

Surprisingly, I think this scene is quite promising. Sure, it's a drunkard, but the fact that Doug doesn't go insane whenever Esperanza comes up could indicate a more rational approach to his revenge.

I find the idea of putting Kirill and Doug on an anonymous police show pretty funny. It's definitely a good analogue for modern 24-hour news shows, and the way the characters react to the show feels relatable. I personally think the segment goes on a lot longer than it should. I get the idea of using the show to give a different perspective, but the garbled voices get annoying after a while.

Oh, they're already on Kirill's sister. I would say it seems early, but we're near the halfway point with this show. Crazy...

I think this might be my favorite part of the episode. Not only is the misunderstanding great, the smaller misunderstanding between Doug and Kirill foreshadows the bigger misunderstanding revealed at the end of the episode.

I really wasn't expecting them to resolve the search so quickly. It certainly fits with the show's style, but...yeesh.

This small scene between Doug and Kirill are great. At the end of the day, Doug really does understand how his partner thinks, and it's cool to see the two getting closer.

With how he's introduced, Valery feels a lot like an antagonist for this series. I wouldn't put it past this show to shove him off to the side for a joke, but I get the sense that the mystery surrounding him implies something nefarious.

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