Irozuku Sekai no Ashita kara Episode 4: The family connection helps a lot

I really enjoyed how this episode turned out. Kohaku's a great addition to the cast, and she contributed to the series in a way I didn't expect. Her relationship with Hitomi is interesting, so I think her introduction went pretty well. I also thought that the progression of the mystery behind Hitomi's magic was good in this episode. I'm still curious about the colors in Aoi's drawing, but that's probably asking a bit too much of a single episode.

The first half of the episode actually went mostly the way I would have expected. Kohaku's introduction to the class, especially the fact that she immediately gets herself in trouble with magic, was pretty much what the series had prepared us to see. Still, it's interesting that Kohaku's motivations are more that she can't help but use magic to entertain people, rather than some kind of mad scientist vibe.

I quite like the fact that Kohaku confirms Hitomi's hidden magical power. The hints so far have been building up, so it's nice to get the closure. Also, it gives me hope that her colorblindness is linked to her lack of confidence in her magic. Personally, I think the show is a lot better if Hitomi's colorblindness is psychological, rather than some consequence of magic gone awry.

Based on her "wild" attitude, I absolutely expected Kohaku to be the typical energetic girl who pushes Hitomi into uncomfortable situations to give her the change to grow. But Kohaku ends up mostly being the opposite if you really think about it. As Hitomi's grandmother, she actually gives Hitomi the first sense of comfort, being a familiar face. Suddenly, Hitomi can feel secure enough to open up, and I think that's great.

I can't tell if this is just a bad translation, but this line makes very little sense. The confusion between the two Tsukishiros largely comes from the fact that Kohaku responds to the name when the Photography club members are talking to Hitomi. So, using the name Tsukishiro for Hitomi doesn't actually solve that problem and just feels like fodder to make Hitomi think Aoi has a problem with her.

Another element of the series that I'm looking forward to seeing is how Aoi actually feels about his drawings. From what we've seen so far, the series seems to show a sense of hesitation whenever Hitomi and Aoi talk about Aoi's art. Presumably, he has his own issues with his drawings, which might explain the connection he shares with Hitomi. We'll see.

Ahh, the reveal that Hitomi's from the future was handled really well. As I said before, Kohaku surprisingly contributes by putting Hitomi at ease, so it's a cool development to see Kohaku give Hitomi the confidence to trust the group with her secret.

Based on this scene and the later conversation with Kohaku, it seems clear that Aoi's upset to find out that Hitomi will eventually leave the group. This part...well, it seems standard.

  • yualexius

    Nov. 14, 2018, noon

    I am actually delighted to see her young grandma in the scene and the fact that she Hitomi finally get to see a different side of her grandma is truly an amazing experience. If I could also have the same experience as her I'll definitely make the best by knowing those people from the early generations without having myself spilled too much spoilers. This episode is such a heartwarming one and simply shows just how important it is to open up one's heart especially to your family in order to understand some things in this world.



    Nov. 14, 2018, 10:06 p.m.

    haha yeah, i like the family aspect that kohaku brings. it's really refreshing


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