Golden Kamuy Episode 15: It's getting harder to keep these alliances straight

I had no idea what to expect from the combination of Hijikata's group and Sugimoto's group, but it works surprisingly well. Watching the characters from each group interact with each other is really entertaining. It's easy to forget that half of these people are criminals. In that sense, I guess this week's episode was more of an introduction to let the characters learn about each other. We also got some background Hijikata, but I'm not too sure how useful it is.

Aww, look. Sugimoto and Ogata are friends now!

So, is this guy going to be the running joke of losing extremities? I guess he's supposed to be a cockroach that never dies. Still, it's kind of funny that he puts his ear in front of his face, as though he's talking directly into it or something.

Wait, is this yet another show with zombies?

I really liked the eating scene in this episode. The love-hate relationship that's being built between Sugimoto and Ogata seems like it could be pretty entertaining.

I guess we just got our third group to replace the Hijikata group?

I think it's interesting to show this softer side to Hijikata, saving his old friend in the Shinsengumi days. If they keep working at him, he could end up being a strong character. He's been too much of an enigma for me to take notice before now.

Aww, man. I wanted this confrontation between Sugimoto and Shiraishi to be real. Honestly, I get the sense that Sugimoto wouldn't care too much if he found out that Shiraishi had been reporting to Hijikata, so I want to see them talk about it.

You had one job, Escape King.

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